Picture of the first recruits of Silk Road

Recruitment Experience Of 10 Years!

Silk Road Workforce Management has provided recruitment services for a decade already! In these 10 years of operation, the company has grown considerably. It has become a leading partner for Finnish companies looking for foreign employees and for workers looking for opportunities abroad. The company started with a small team of 4 enthusiastic family members. They simply wanted to create opportunities for Filipinos in Finland. Nowadays there are over 60 employees working daily to provide the best possible service for the clients as well as for the recruits. 

The Beginning

When we first started our recruitment program, it focused heavily on the Philippines as a source of skilled recruits. We based this decision on the fact that there was a surplus of highly trained professionals in the Philippines, but a lack of opportunities for them to apply their skills. We recognized this and began recruiting Filipino professionals to meet the needs of Finnish companies. The first workers arrived in Finland at the end of April 2013. The recruitment program has been continuous ever since then.  

Picture of the first recruits of Silk Road

The arrival group of April 2013

Challenges and Successes 

The path we chose has been challenging at times. After these 10 years in the business we can proudly say we know how to overcome any recruitment related situation. The ability to overcome challenges and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the labor market has been one of the key factors in our success. As the demand for labor has increased, we have continuously expanded our recruitment program, making connecting employers and employees easier than ever. 

Development of the Program 

In the last 10 years, we have continuously refined and developed all the phases of the program into the well-oiled machine it is today. We have a clear path when it comes to finding the best possible recruits for the program. We have learned how to train the recruits so that they can manage with the language and adapting to the culture. Additionally, we have become well-versed in handling residence permit processing. We have also found a way to facilitate a smooth transition for new workers arriving in Finland through our local orientation program. This progress is a substantial improvement from when our first four employees handled the whole process from finding the recruits until picking them up from the airport.

Our success in workforce management is not only due to our recruitment program, but also due our ability to provide value-adding services for our clients. Our language training and cultural orientation programs help with the integration of workers into their new environment. In addition, they also enable effective communication with colleagues and clients. These services are just a few examples of how we go beyond the expected to ensure the success of our clients’ workforce.

Expansion and Global Reach 

The need for especially nurses and caregivers has lately increased a lot in Finland. With this increased need comes an increased interest in our program from employers all around Finland. Back in 2013 we started operating with one key client. Now we have multiple employers that are taking part in our recruitment program. This has created a perfect platform for our company to grow. We continuously keep looking for different options to develop our recruitment program.  

As the recruitment program continues to evolve, we recognized the need to expand our reach beyond the Philippines. This decision was driven by the increasing demand for skilled workers, as well as the desire to offer more opportunities to workers looking for employment in Finland. At first, we started the language training as an in-class study program. From that we have evolved it to be more flexible and accessible all over the world. Today, we operate worldwide, and it is possible for any nationality to sign up to our recruitment program.  

Recruitment Experience with Thousands of Workers  

Silk Road’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable. In our first year of operation, we recruited 31 workers from the Philippines. Today, the number of workers recruited worldwide annually is in the thousands. 

This growth has been made possible by our commitment to excellence in recruitment and workforce management as well. Our recruitment program is tailored to the needs of each client. We ensure that they find the right candidates for their specific requirements. At the same time, we provide comprehensive support services. Those include assistance with residence permit applications, and help with finding accommodation to the workers already in Finland, for example. This has helped us to ensure that workers are able to focus on their work and perform at their best. 

Looking forward, we are determined to continue our growth and expand our services even further. With the ongoing need for skilled workers in Finland, we are well-positioned to help companies find the right candidates and workers to find the right opportunities. 

Picture of the April 2023 recruits

The arrival group of April 2023

Recruitment Experience Leads to Success

Through it all, we have remained committed to our core values of integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our ability to find the right workers for the right jobs. As Silk Road continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to these values and to providing the best possible service. 

Our success is due to our ability to adapt to changing demands, provide value-added services, prioritize the well-being of our workers and of course, the ten years of recruitment experience. With a strong recruitment program, a great team, and a commitment to excellence, Silk Road is poised to continue its growth and success in the years to come. 

Would you like to be a part of Silk Road’s foreign workers in Finland? The need for nurses and caregivers is constantly growing. We are alleviating the situation with our recruitment program one worker at a time. Fill in the application by clicking on the button below and join one of our online orientations to hear more! 

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  1. Hello sir good morning my name is abul Khair from Bangladesh work at Dubai UAE forklift operator jobs more than 8 year experience Dubai UAE even wearhouse matching operator and Reach tick and VNA matching operator and All items off vehicle 🚜 I know drive

  2. Suman Kasarla

    I am looking for job in Finland
    I have 10 years work experience in Dubai UAE

  3. Sounds great!
    Make sure to fill out the application form and if all your documents are eligible and you pass the initial interview you could be working in Finland before the end of the year!

  4. Hi!
    We are currently only recruiting assistant nurses and caregivers. Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook as we regularly update new recruitment programs and opportunities there!

  5. Joana Marie Delos Santos Rosario

    Hello I want to apply for caregiver/nursing assistant, i have degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

  6. Iam working in Emirates at a Homecare I applied to join in your program as a Caregiver having the experience and Nursing background.However I didn’t get any response since three weeks ago.Am a having a United Arab Emirates Residence Visa .Am from Zimbabwe.

  7. What are the requirements for one to qualify to work in Finland for a caregiver… l am a caregiver looking for a job offer


    Thank you very much, with the good orientation meeting today.


    This is indeed remarkable weldone to @silkroadworkforcemanagement for standing in the gap for the employers and employees. I have noticed your start and I must say it was easy for you to give up with just four people however you chose to continue and now look at were you are..

  10. I am in Dubai working for seven years now. Have experience at office boy, Security,and accounting. I will be glad to be contacted so that l can move to Finland.

  11. Hello, good day!
    I just wanted to ask how it would be if I have already received the PDF form for self-study, and my studies are ongoing, and I have also scheduled an interview in July. Will I be able to obtain a new learning tool online as well? How can I acquire a new online learning platform?

  12. Tawanda Bryne Mapfuwa

    Hyvää päivää, thank you very much for making the recruitment process to migrate to Finland easier and we adore all the changes you have made recently to make the process even better. Kiitos paljon.

  13. We try to constantly improve to give our amazing nurses and caregivers the smoothest process possible!

  14. Hi Robert!
    We will have an internal meeting about this tomorrow. In theory you can simply take part in another orientation and fill in the consent form once more to gain access to the new platform.

  15. Hi Daniel!
    Currently we are only looking to recruit nurses and caregivers for our assistant nurse program here in Finland. Make sure to follow us on social media as we post about special recruitments there.

  16. Rowena Reyes

    Moi! I attended an orientation last month, recieved the study kit, submitted my documents, and booked the interview, but was cancelled 2 times, and now waiting for my next booked interview on last week of May. Just want to ask if why did this happen? Hope they won’t cancel my booking again.
    Kiitos paljon.

  17. I booked for the interview on discord app on the 9th of May but could not connect to do the interview when I tried booking again, I could not manage.

  18. Esinath Munyai

    Thanks Simon for the silkroad labourforce background overview. Insight instilled ,hope to see you in Finland soon.

  19. Sitembekile Khumalo

    Thank you for the updates that you have made for this programme.I am hoping to be part of the team that will be in Finland soon.I have already signed up again so that I am part of the new tool..

  20. Hi Rowena!
    That’s really weird. Usually our interviewers are supposed to include a message to the recruit if they need to cancel an interview. The most common reason for canceled interviews is the interviewer falling ill and not being able to work. I hope your next interview takes place as planned! If something happens again please be in contact and we will look into this further with the interviewer in question.

  21. Sitembekile Khumalo

    Hi Simon
    I attended the orientation again today the 16th of May just to get clarity of certain things like the language grouping issue.I did my first interview on the 25th of May 2023 and received the link for the medicals.I just wanted to know as to how long from now i can expect communication from you pertaining the language training?

  22. Tholakele Moyo

    I did interview on 11 April, passed and was waiting to be grouped but got an email on the 11of May to upload missing documents, I did on the 13of May and on the 15 got another one to upload missing documents

  23. Hi!
    We are investigating this bug at the moment. We think the cause of it is if you have filled in the detailed information form several times you might be getting a notification for each submission. We will have this fixed asap.

  24. Dorah Nakazibwe

    Moi,I finished my self study about three weeks ago,waiting for interview however I have not got any response, please guide me through the procedure.

  25. Maria cielo frias plaza

    Hi, hello I was fillup for application caregiver last few weeks ago.

  26. Hi Dorah!
    Before an interview can be booked your documents must be checked and approved. If there is something missing you will get an email with another chance to submit all the documents needed. If our team determines the documents to be obviously not eligible then you will also get a letter of rejection. If all documents are approved you will receive your booking link.

  27. Fatima Codilla

    Hello, I look forward to receiving a response regarding my application. I already join the orientation on last 19th of May 2023. Kiitos.

  28. Hi Fatima!
    I hope you filled in the consent form during the orientation. Only by filling in the consent form will you be able to continue the process.

  29. Rose Kinuthia

    Moi,I would like to know what happened to my application.I did my interview on 19th of April and I passed,on 11th of May I received an email of missing documents and I sent.On 15th of April I received again email of missing documents.I don’t know the way forward because I sent all the required documents.

  30. Hi Rose!
    We have reviewed your documents and you will be placed in a language group this coming Monday.
    Thank you for your patience and good luck with the language studies!

  31. Rowena Reyes

    Hi Sir Simon, i supposed to have an interview today, and i just recieve an email saying that the interviewer move my booked schedule interview again, this is the third time that he cancel my interview,, i commented in this email before and i told you that he cancel two times and im waiting my booked interview for the third time, and you answer me saying that if that happens again, please be on contact and you will look into it further with the interviewer..please Sir.
    Kiitos paljon.

  32. Hi Mr Simon,I didn’t get any email of language training as you had said on my previous comment.Please help me get it since they have already reviewed my documents.

  33. Hi Rose!
    Thanks for being in contact.
    I have checked with our team and I will be in contact via email when I hear back from them.

  34. Rose Kinuthia

    Hi Sir Simon, I hope you have reached out to language grouping team.Another Monday has passed and I haven’t received any email from them.Waiting for your feedback. Kiitos

  35. Sophie Nanyongo Eko

    I have recently joined the orientation program; I have gotten the link to send in my certificates in careering and nurse assistant. I have also gotten a link from NLRC instructing me to create and account with regards to the study kit. however, the email I got from silk road management didn’t include the link to enable me to download the study kit. please kindly send the link to download the study kit so i can begin my studies.

    Thank You

  36. Hi!
    There is no study kit anymore. We have moved over completely to the online learning platform. Your interview will be based on the contents from the online tasks.
    Good luck!

  37. Hallo Simon
    I just submitted my details on your link today. I am very keen on this new adventure. When should l expect a reply?
    Kind regards

  38. Hi Audrey!
    If it was the application you can expect to receive your link to the online orientation within an hour. If it is the documents that you have submitted then it will take a couple of weeks. We will check these while you are doing your self studies!

  39. Rogienn fraits Balbin

    Hi! I am from the Philippines, I would like to work as a cleaner. I’m looking for a job, maybe you can help me. I am diligent in all tasks, especially cleaning.

  40. Hi!
    Sorry, currently we are only recruiting medical personnel.
    We wish you the best of luck to find a suitable recruiter for the job you are looking for!

  41. Anne reyel iligan IIi

    Hi I want to apply as caregiver I’m finish school here in UAE as nursing assistant and I work also now in hospital as communication assistant same as healthcare assistant we assist patient sending sample changing patient diaper…I am willing to apply thank you

  42. Hello, I had my interview on 18th August and passed, l saw a message to continue with my medical but still waiting for a link to join a study group

  43. Hi Unaji! Incase you have documents from ghana or nigeria it might be that you have been put on hold while we are in contact with authorities to clarify documentation.

  44. Moi I submitted my documents on a Friday 15 December instead of November and at same time I was given the Link to use during my studies, but the link to download my study kits l don’t have the study kit and am just using NLRC and my question is that is it ok me just using moodle for NLRC only while am waiting for my interview. Voitko sautta mua .
    Kiitos paljon

  45. Hi Gloria!
    No worries! We have moved away from the pdf study kit and instead use the NLRC Moodle now a days. If you have your logins to Moodle then you have everything you need.
    Good luck!

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