Silk Road Supports You In Every Step Of The Process,
So That You Can Feel Safe Starting Your

New Chapter In Finland.

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Silk Road offers you top-notch online language training specifically designed to teach you important and job-specific language.

Language training includes self-study, 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 sessions with your language teacher, and a learning platform with tasks and quizzes.

Silk Road helps you with filling in applications, residence permit and other paperwork that might be needed along the way.

Silk Road offers you reliable employers as well as fair and just contracts.

Before your departure to Finland you will receive coaching to prepare you for the daily life awaiting you in your new country and workplace.

Silk Road offers you assistance in deciding on flights and arrival dates and will welcome you at the airport to take you to your new apartment.

Silk Road will help you in finding an apartment and can even help you with acquiring a starter kit including basic furniture like a table, chair and bed as well as towels, pan, cutlery, and other basic necessities (Note that starter kit is not a free service).

Silk Road will show you the way to your new workplace and help you navigate your new surroundings.

The Orientation help we provide can consist of but is not limited to: Public transport, showing you around the city, or helping you with your first round of grocery shopping.

Silk Road will help you with registering with the local population services, opening bank accounts, and applying to receive your first tax card.

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Silk Road wants to ensure that all our recruits are feeling safe and secure in Finland. This is why all recruits have access to our 24/7 phone services in Finnish, English and Tagalog.

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