Caregiver caring for elderly person

Who We Are

Silk Road Workforce Management is a Finnish company specializing in recruiting medical personnel for employment in Finland. Established in 2012, we bring extensive experience and expertise to our field, and are knowledgeable about the challenges that can arise during the recruitment process.

What we do

Our priority is ensuring the success of both our recruits and partners. We achieve this by providing extensive language training to our recruits, in cooperation with Zeldan Nordic Languages Review Center, prior to their arrival in Finland.

Our Clients

Our clients, who are predominantly from the public and private healthcare sectors in Finland, trust us to provide them with highly qualified personnel. We have established long-standing relationships with many of these employers, and our track record of successful collaborations speaks to their reliability and professionalism.

Our Mission

The demand for skilled workers in Finland, particularly in the healthcare industry, is on the rise due to the aging population. At Silk Road Workforce Management, we are dedicated to addressing this issue by recruiting highly qualified professionals from abroad.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive preparation for each recruit to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain patient safety and client satisfaction.