Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You can apply by signing up for the recruitment program via one of the applications on our website. The application for nurses or the application for caregivers.

I have signed up but not received an email to the orientations?

1. Make sure to check your spam inbox or the all inboxes. Sometimes our emails can get sorted into the wrong inbox.
2. If you can still not locate the email try signing up again and double check so you spelled your email address correct.
3. Make sure you are not signing up for our recruitment program from the Philippines. If you are located in the Philippines you will need to go through our partner Topmake.
4. If none of these work please be in contact with our customer support via our contact page

What positions am I applying for?

Our recruitment program is active all of the time. This means that we are constantly recruiting people. Every person that successfully finishes the recruitment program is guaranteed a job. Which specific employer you will get will be decided during the recruitment process and will determine what language level you will need to reach. The entry position that all foreign nurses and caregivers start at in Finland is called assistant nurse.

How long does the recruitment process take?

6-12 months depending on the language proficiency needed. Different employers require different language proficiency.

How does the language training work?

Online learning with 1:1 or 1:2 meetings together with your teacher. Different exercises and tasks and bigger language level tests. You will receive a schedule to follow that will help you out with planning ahead. Language training is very flexible and respects your already existing schedule.

Is the language training mandatory?


Is the language training free of charge?


How long does the residence permit processing take?

About 4 months on average. It is done during the recruitment process so it does not create any extra waiting times.

Are there any placement fees to get a job?

There are no placement fees or any other kind of hidden fees!

Is there an age limit?

No. The recruitment program has no age limit as long as you are deemed fit to work!

Where are your online orientations held?

Our online orientations are most often held via Zoom.

What if I didn’t pass the language exam?

You are permitted on retake of the language exam. If you fail that one as well, you have to discuss about your situation with your teacher and it’s then handled on a case by case basis.

Can I join the recruitment program if I don’t meet the requirements?

No. We are only looking to recruit professionals that fill the requirements. If you have a medical degree that is not stated as a requirement on our website but still think that it should make you eligible to join you can send a message to our recruitment specialist via our contact page.

What Nationalities can join the recruitment program?

All nationalities that are able to apply for a residence permit in Finland can join the recruitment program. We strictly adhere to ethical and non-discriminatory practices.

What are the requirements to join the recruitment program?

You will need to have either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or one of these certificates with at least 600h of studies: caregiver, nursing aide, certified nursing assistant, practical nurse

I have recently graduated but I don’t have any work experience yet. Can I still join the recruitment program?

Yes! We do not require our recruits to have any working experience. As long as you have your degree/certification that is in line with our requirements you are eligible to start the program.

I have a certificate but it does not include all of the 600 hours of study required. What can I do?

We recommend that you sign up and submit your documents during the initial stages of the recruitment program. Our recruitment experts will then review your documents and will tell you with certainty if you can continue the recruitment program or not. They might also be able to tell you how you could complement your studies to be eligible to join.

Is Silk Road and Topmake the same company?

No, we work in co-operation with Topmake. Topmake is an agency in the Philippines.

What employers does Silk Road work with?

Silk Road works with Finland’s biggest social and healthcare employers. To only name a few: Attendo, Esperi, the city of Turku, the city of Vantaa, the city of Helsinki, Päijät Sote, the city of Hämeenlinna, Essote, the town of Forssa, the city of Espoo, Seure, and many more.

Is it possible to bring your family with you to Finland?

Yes, and we advice to bring your family members after 1 year in Finland. You can sponsor your spouse and your children under 18.

What is the salary of an assistant nurse in Finland?

Around 2000€ per month plus additional compensations such as overtime, bonuses , and benefits.

Can you study further while working in Finland?

Yes and most of the employers that we work with have a path of their own for that to ensure that their employees have a possibility for career development.

Can I work in other countries apart from Finland with my residency permit?

No. The residency permit permits you work in Finland. However you are able to travel within Europe using your Finnish residency permit!