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The Need for Nurses and Caregivers in Finland

1. Aging Population

One of the main reasons for the need for nurses and caregivers in Finland is the aging population. According to Statistics Finland, the number of people over 75 years old exceeded 600 000 in 2022. By 2040 the number will increase to 900 000. This means that there will be an increased demand for healthcare services, and especially for elderly care.

The system needs a certain number of nurses and caregivers to keep the quality of care provided good. For example, if the elderly people are not receiving the care they need due to a lack of staff, it can lead to an increase in hospitalizations, which then puts a strain on the entire healthcare system.

2. Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare systems worldwide, and Finland is no exception. Nurses and caregivers have been on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. This has highlighted the importance of healthcare workers and the need for more caregivers and nurses in Finland. It has also created a surge in demand for healthcare services. That is one of the reasons for the increased need for nurses and caregivers.

3. Current Shortage

The need for nurses and caregivers in Finland is not a new problem. The shortage has been an ongoing issue for several years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse. It is estimated that the need for nurses and caregivers will rise up to 30 000 by the year 2030. The number is increasing especially as the population continues to age.

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What Are Nurses And Caregivers Needed For?

  • Meeting the growing demand for healthcare services, especially for elderly care
  • Providing better quality of care to patients and residents
  • Reducing the workload on existing staff
  • Improving the mental and physical health of healthcare workers
  • Preparing for future pandemics and other healthcare crises

What to Do?

To address this need for nurses and caregivers, it’s essential to continue to recruit and retain healthcare workers, and to provide them with the support and resources they need to provide the best possible care. With the right strategies in place, Finland can ensure that it has enough healthcare workers to meet the growing demand for healthcare services. That way Finland can provide high-quality care to all patients and residents.

Would you like to be a part of the solution? Silk Road Workforce Management is helping the situation by providing a recruitment program and nursing jobs for foreign nurses in Finland. Check out the experiences of foreign nurses already in Finland and apply to our program from a button below!

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  1. Mirza inayath baig



    “With the right strategies in place, Finland can ensure that it has enough healthcare workers to meet the growing demand for healthcare services.””
    Currently the right strategy is through silkroad work force management. You process is smooth and transparent just hope more strategies will be availed.

  3. Hi Joseph!
    There is no direct number for you to call. If you want to be in contact with our support team you can contact them via the contact page on our website:

    If you want to join the recruitment program then you will need to fill in the application form and join one of our free weekly orientation forms. You can find those here:
    For assistant nurses:
    For caregivers:

    We hope to see you at one of our online orientations soon!

  4. Md Delowar Hossain

    Hi Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Mr. MD Delowar Hossain and I will start caregivers and nursing assistant courses soon to apply for Finland. Today I talked with Newton Training Centre to start my course and asked them about courses duration. They said 72 hours is enough with on job training 300 hours and they are accredited by The UK, Alison CPD and AMCA accreditation.
    Shall I start either this course or I should do those institute are providing 600 hours course duration?
    I badly need your assistance on this issues please.
    Thanking You,
    Mr. Md Delowar Hossain

  5. Jay Nelyn Vadal

    hello im interested and willing to learn finnish language i have experience here in saudia arabia as nursing assistant ang home care 2yrs but my certificate is not question is do i have to a apply your company?

    thank you

  6. Hi!
    This is a tricky question. We might need to do a deeper check on the stated course provided by Newton Training Centre.

    I recommend that you are in contact with our recruitment experts via our contact page at:

    I hope you get an answer to your question quickly!

  7. Petronella Masunungure

    I would love to be in Finland , welcoming. Hope to be there one day.

  8. Martino Okaro

    Silk Road Workforce Management Ltd. Am done with my language interview and was sent a link to upload my medicals, when I start the Finnish language course.i choose the fast pace,so how long does it takes to the language course after the interview?

  9. Hi! After your documents have been checked and they are okay you are then queued up for being grouped with other recruits who have also recently passed their interview. Depending on how many people are currently in the program this grouping can take from a couple of days to 2 weeks. After grouping is finished you will be signed up for the language training together with your group.

  10. Ma. Theresa Sormillon

    Im only a high graduate but i took the caregiving nc2 short course for six months. And i have a caregiving nc2 certificate.. Am i eligible to apply in Finland as a caregiver.. im 39 years old

  11. Saadu Kafilat Olaitan

    When would you add me to the orientation group and when would be the English language test

  12. Hi! You should have received the links to the online orientation about an hour after signing up. The test is not for English language but is testing for the Finnish language. You will receive a self study kit with which you are supposed to rehearse some of the basics for approx. 3 weeks before your interview.

  13. Hi! If you have a caregiving certificate then yes, you are eligible to apply. If that certificate did not amount to 600 hours of study then you might be able to compensate for that with work experience. Also, if your certificate was done all online then we require some form of practical experience.

  14. Hi i can joined the recruitment while staying caregiver to obtain 600hrs of training while still working here at hongkong. Do you have accredited caregiver training here at hongkong. Thanks

  15. Hi Mary!
    We recommend to complete your 600 hours and then sign up! However, keep an eye on our requirements as they will be updated next week and you might be eligible to join the program then depending on your work experience!

  16. Viyof Euphrasia

    Hi, I filled the application form for nursing assistance already last week, I have not yet received any second email or response. Thank

  17. Hi Viyof Euphrasia!
    We cannot see any sign ups in our system with your name.
    Make sure you are not located in the Philippines when signing up and make sure to spell your email address correctly.
    Also check your spam folder and all messages folder as our emails can get sorted into the wrong folders from time to time.

    We hope you will be able to sign up for the recruitment program successfully soon!

  18. Hello sir
    I’m a diploma holder nurse in which category I fall Assistant Nurse or Caregiver?
    Please tell me, I’m interested to work in Finland
    Thanks and regards
    Fakhara Adnan

  19. Princess pearl estabillo

    Hi, i have my caregiver certificate taken last 2008, its more than 600hours because i studied for 6mos, 10days in ojt at home for the aged and 10days at the orphanage.

  20. Good morning,where to l verify my Transcript,so that l can be able to start language training,l have already done orientation and interview.Thank you

  21. Tendai Pasvani

    Its a month now after i did my language interview i did it on 23rd of March and was sent a link to do medicals,i choose fast pace.How long does ot take to the language course afterthe interview

  22. muhammad shahban

    Hi, i am a registered nurse holding 12 yrs experience it’s making to conflict apply for the assistant nurse or let me sure in future position will be upgrade have u designed any criteria?
    And if I being selected what about the family accommodation if some one wants to shift the family.?

  23. Hi i did an executive certificate in palliative care do i qualify for the caregiving posts.

  24. Agboola oluwafunbi Feyisayo

    Hello goodmorning, I have filled a recriument form almost 2 weeks now but yet to receive any mail from your recruitment team. I am still looking forward to hear from you.

  25. matron mazuru

    Good morning. I submitted an incorrect OTR how do I send you the correct one?

  26. Hi!
    When our processing team checks your documents and see that something is wrong or missing they will send you an email so you can upload your correct document.

  27. Hi! You should have received an invitation to one of our online orientations.
    If you have checked your spam folders and all inbox folders and still cant find the email we recommend signing up again as you might have misspelled the email address.

  28. Hi!
    It depends on what was included in the certification. IF the certificate was only done as online studies we require some form of practical experience. The certificate should also encompass 600 hours or more of studies.

  29. Hi!
    Every foreign nurse must start off as an assistant nurse here in Finland. During your work you will be offered by your employer to continue your studies and become a practical nurse under the practical nurse apprenticeship program. This is done while working and takes 1-1.5 years to complete and then gives you the degree of a Finnish practical nurse. You are able to sponsor your spouse or children and we recommend doing this after having been in Finland for 1 year.

    After 5 years in Finland many nurses decide to take the nurse registration which is handled by the state. This requires full time studies and is easier once you have become a Finnish citizen.

  30. After the interview you will have your documents checked. Only ones your documents have been checked and verified we are able to sign you up for language studies. If you are interested about the status of your application we recommend sending our business page a direct message on Facebook or using the contact function found on our website.

  31. Hi! The official transcript of records should have been uploaded to the detailed information form before the interview. If you didnt do this yet i recommend checking you inbox for an email containing the link to the detailed information form.

  32. Sounds good!
    If your certificate is over 5 years old make sure to include a certificate of employment (COE)

  33. Hi!
    if your diploma is a bachelor of science in nursing you can apply via the assistant nurse form. If it is lower than a bachelor of science in nursing then the caregiver.
    We look forward to seeing you at an online orientation soon!

  34. Princess pearl estabillo

    I dont have COE , can i continue? I am a domestic helper here in hongkong.

  35. Hi!
    If your certificate/diploma is less than 5 years old you are not required to have a COE. If it is older than 5 years you will be required to have a COE to be able to continue in the recruitment program.

  36. Hi Dennis!
    Most likely your documents have not yet been verified by our approval team. Once the documents have been verified you will receive and email on weather you have passed the documents checks or not. I will escalate your inquiry since 1 month seems very long.

    Thanks for being in contact!

  37. Sandy Shadoglu

    Hi please you said if your certificate was done all online then you require some practical experience… meaning if I have the practical experience already how will I show for it? How I’m I going to prove it?

  38. You will need to prove it through an official COE (Certificate of Employment) from your employer

  39. Tatenda Sakutukwa

    I did my interview and they asked for a transcript it’s unfortunate l studied online but I’ve been working as a caregiver since 2018 , so where must l upload it , must l ask a reference letter from my employer as proof that I have experience

  40. Hi!
    Yes, incase your certificate was done online you will need to give proof of your experience in the field through a certificate of employment (COE). You will most likely receive an email soon asking you to upload that document to a special form.


    Hi sir, I just want to know if my passed nc2 5yrs.and coe for 4yrs will be accepted, along with the cv for 5yrs experience, will I be given a group? because the tor at the school is still for request,I hope I will be given a group, I am waiting and hoping to be given groupings for language training. thank you sir… I hope this can be answered.

  42. Hi! Transcript of records is usually required by our document checkers before you can move on in the process.

  43. Hie Simon

    May I please know what the OTR that you want entails.Is it a letter from my institute or a form with everything that I did and the time I took on each topic?

  44. Oghenekaro Uduma

    Hi! Can one travel with family ( spouse and children) through this visa route? Thanks

  45. Hi!
    OTR is an official transcript of records. A piece of paper or PDF that includes each subject or topic that was covered in your degree/certificate and it should also include the hours of study or the ECTS for each subject or for the whole certificate. This is so that we can determine how much studies your diploma or certificate included and what topics were covered.

  46. Hi! No, not at first. At first you will need to come on your own. Once in Finland you can then sponsor your spouse/children to join you in Finland. We sometimes have special recruitment programs that are for an entire family to come together. Please follow our social media or linkedin to be notified when we start a new family recruitment.

  47. Elizabeth Ighagbon-Stephen

    Hello Team,

    Please is the current recruitment permits family relocation?

    If not, how long can the family join?

    Thank you

  48. Hi!
    We sometimes have special family recruitments for employers.
    Usually however, the residence permit and program is only for one person. We recommend your family to join you in Finland after 1 year. It is possible for your family to join you earlier than this however this will increase the costs for you once all the residence permits need to be renewed after 1 year.
    We talk more about this during our online orientation.

  49. Florence Mirembe

    Greetings, i read about a requirement of having done a 600hr course. I have done online course:
    1. Care certifocate standard: 1-15 at Caredemy (online skills for care)
    2. Health and aocial care advanced diploma at Lead Academy,
    I am curreny working in an elderly home here in Uganda. I hope my work expwrience will compensate for the 600hrs and i hope these online institutions are recognised in Finland.

  50. Hi Florence!
    We are updating our requirements in the beginning of July to take work experience into more account. Our lower limit will be 300 hours of study but it will then also require 5 years of experience with certificate(s) of employment to back those 5 years up.

  51. Mable Kudzanai Kamusoko

    Good day

    i signed up yesterday and i did receive the email but the next orientation was today and i had already had a standing appointment with the dentist at that time ,
    please include me in your next available orientation

  52. Mariam Nasiru Uwwa David

    Goodday I have a care certificate which I did for one month then I also have a health and social care certificate which I did for 6 weeks and now I am doing 150 hrs of clinical have I covered 600hrs?

  53. Hi!
    No problem, we send out new orientation times to everyone for 3 weeks after first signing up.

  54. Hi!
    Most likely this is not 600 hours. We require official transcripts of records from the certifications attained to prove the hours and contents of the course.

    We are adjusting our requirements slightly in July so we will be allowing people with certificates encompassing only 300 hours of studies to join if they have 5 years of working experience in the field and a/many certificate(s) of employment to prove the experience.

  55. Justin Mhlanga

    Hie sir/madam
    I attended the first zoom meeting and I now want to continue with next stage, language and interview. I am a caregiver.

  56. Hi!
    If you filled out the consent form during the zoom orientation you will be signed up to our language learning platform by our partner NLRC. You will also be asked to upload your documents. Once your documents have been checked you will be sent a link to book your language interview.

  57. Hi!
    600hrs means that your certificate needs to have included 600 hours of studies.


    Am from attending the orientation program It was good and clear orientation takes how long and what follows next.

  59. Shelong Plang

    Hi I’ve gotten at least up to 300hours of study time online from Florence Academy and Alison prior to this study I also have 4years of work experience in a care home before now. Do I still apply?

  60. Hi!
    If you have transcripts of records that show the hours you have studied then you can apply. Without the transcript however we cannot verify any claims of study hours.

  61. Agnes Beniamo

    I am Agnes from Ghana I have a certificate in community health nursing and I have worked for 10 years please do I qualify to work as a caregiver?
    Thank you

  62. Hi!
    If your community health certificate included at least 300 hours of studies (this can include practical internships) and you can prove it with a transcript of records and you have certificates of employment for those 10 years then you will be eligible!

  63. Moi!

    I attended an orientation on June 12th, and I have started the Finnish Language self-studies. I would like to know if PDF certificates and PDF transcripts of record are acceptable. I took a Nursing Assistant course online for over 600 hours and I have completed some other online courses for which I have received PDF certificates and CPD Point certificates where hours of studies are mentioned. I also have 1 year plus experience as a Healthcare Assistant and a Home Care/Support Worker. Would all of these make me eligible to move on to the Language program once I pass the interview?

  64. Hi!
    Yes if you have a diploma and certificate that prove you studied for over 600 hours and 1 year of experience you will be eligible.

  65. Philip Aganbi

    I have over 1yr experience working as a care assistant, I wanted to verify which care certificate is accepted to be eligible to apply, cause I was told silk road work force don’t accept care certificate from institute like Alison, Florence Academy and Careademy. Pls I would need your response in order to know what my next move is.

  66. Hi!
    As a rule of thumb Silk Road accepts all certificates which include the hours of study stated on either your certificate or transcript of records. If you have 1 year of experience in the past 5 years then your certificate will need to have included at least 500 hours of study. The reason certificates like Alison cannot be accepted is that their courses are often only a couple of hours and they do not provide their students with a certificate stating the hours of study and also no transcript of records.

    We are currently working on a list of accepted certificates which will be published on our website before the end of August 2023.

  67. Hi does the 600hrs start from high school to the tertiary or it is only the requirement for the tertiary ?

  68. I don’t have any caregiver certificate but I work in a care home taking care of the elderly in my local community. I worked as a volunteer for a few months before I became a full staff. Will that be enough for me to apply?

  69. Hi!
    Sadly, we do require a formal healthcare education to join our program. Only experience is not enough to qualify you.

  70. Adeogun oluwaseyi Abraham

    Hello Simon, good morning
    I am Abraham from Nigeria, I passed my interview 3rd August 2023 after the document check. But I later received a mail on 11th August 2023 stating I should upload missing document after I have passed my interview and receive the mail for medicals. Please can I know the update on my application. Kiitos.

  71. Hi ther are institutes that offers 600 hrs plus .u can check strongpoint institute though they are costly but atleast u wil get what u want.
    Ther many other schools too which i know

  72. Apex amobi ezenwa

    I,m from Nigeria,I have been working as a caregiver for some years , I have also work as volunteer during COVID 19, sensitisation and control,

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