Recognition for a caregiver

Recognition for a Filipino Caregiver in Finland

Finland is a country that is renowned for its high standard of living and excellent healthcare system. It is a country where the well-being of its citizens is a top priority. This fact is very well exemplified by the story of Jong Odarve, a 33-year-old caregiver originally from the Philippines who has been working at the Munksnäshemmet nursing home for seven years.  

Odarve was recently awarded a scholarship for his outstanding work in caring for the elderly, particularly those with dementia. The criteria for the scholarship were someone who represents good care, lifts the profession, is a good representative of elderly care, and gives hope for the future. Odarve’s humility shines through when he says that it also feels a little embarrassing to receive the scholarship. 

The scholarship that Odarve received was awarded by the Brummerska Hemmet Foundation and the Association of Private Swedish Retirement Homes (Gero) for his work at the Munksnäshemmet. Odarve’s dedication and hard work have been recognized by his peers, and he is a shining example of the high standard of care that is provided in Finland’s healthcare system. 

Odarve says that his passion for caring for the elderly began when he was young. Odarve was the youngest in his family, and he experienced a lack of older people in his childhood. He never got to meet his grandparents, and therefore wanted to take the opportunity to work with the elderly when he grew up. 

“They are easy to talk to, they say what they think and feel. There’s no bullsh*t” Odarve says with a laugh. In his opinion, the three most important qualities of a caregiver are positive thinking, patience, and empathy. He wants to ensure that the residents of the nursing home do not feel like they are a burden because that is the last thing anyone wants to be. 

Odarve moved to Finland from the Philippines in 2009. He was trained as a nurse in the Philippines and has taken additional special training in elderly care here in Finland. 

In the Philippines, the role of a caregiver is more like that of a nursing assistant. “Sometimes we would be responsible for 50-60 patients with only four staff members. It was common for us to be so short-staffed that the patient’s family members needed to step in as help on-site,” says Odarve.  

There really is no comparison between the care provided in the Philippines and Finland. He has seen firsthand the difference in the level of care and resources available in Finland compared to his home country. The Finnish healthcare system values the well-being of its citizens and provides the best possible care for everyone. 

Odarve made Finland his home and is proud to be a part of the healthcare industry here. Make sure to join one of our weekly online orientations if you are interested in pursuing the same path as Odarve and work in one of the world’s leading healthcare systems that appreciates you and gives you credit for the important work you do.  

To read the full article about Jong Odarve’s journey in Swedish you can visit HBL

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  1. Meriam Felasol

    I am interested to work in Finland,currently working in hongkong for almost 6 years.

  2. Great Meriam! Make sure to take part in our weekly online orientations to start your journey towards working and living in Finland!

  3. MD Saifu Uddin

    I am interested to work in Finland, currently working in soudi arabia 🇸🇦 for almost 4years….

  4. Sounds great! Make sure to sign up for our weekly online orientations to learn more about how to start working in Finland!

  5. Hi! The links to the orientations will be sent to you after you have signed up via the form on our website. If your own internet isn’t strong enough you can try and look for a public Wifi to use somewhere near you. Make sure the network you are using is secure for your own privacy and security!

  6. Hi. I’m interested to work in finland. Currently I’m working in Qatar in pediatric department as registered nurse. But I have no Finnish language. Pls advise what is the process

  7. Greta castilla colmo

    Hello.. I’m interested to apply as a caregiver in your country.. since I got the caregiver certificate holder here in hongkong…I’m willing to know about your in behalf and I hope you can count me in for the online orientations…thank you! And God bless…😇😀

  8. Hi i am a filipino , i am 6 years caregiver in Israel and Looking forward to work in Finland too .

  9. That sounds great Jinky! Make sure to sign up for our weekly online orientations to get started if you haven’t already!

  10. This is indeed an amazing story of Jong. And you get to really see that indeed hard word do pays off in the end. With qualities he possess there was no way he would not be recognized. Thanks to organizations like the BH Foundation and (GERO) who notices and encourage others to follow suit. Tervetuloa Jong and well done Silk Road for helping make other be recognized.

  11. We couldn’t have put it any better Lindon!
    Recognition and affirmation are integral for development and happiness at the workplace!

  12. i would like to work in Finland as a caregiver, but I don’t have background as a nurse. But I am already trained as a caregiver here in the Philippines. And I have a lot of experience as a caregiver. . I do hope you may help me.

  13. Hi Anna Marie!
    If you are currently not located in the Philippines you sign up and join our weekly orientations to learn more. If you are located in the Philippines you will need to go through our partner Top Make in the Philippines

  14. Hi! We are currently only recruiting caregivers and assistant nurses. Make sure to follow our Facebook page incase we start recruiting for a role that you would be interested in!


    Hello everyone in there…looking forward to work in Finland my ideal country…God bless us all…

  16. Hi I’m interested to work in Finland but my graduation in commerce I no have any experience in that feild even though I’m interested

  17. Im inerested to work in finland..Currently working as elderly nanny in hongkong for almost 10 years..looking forward

  18. That’s great!
    Make sure to sign up for our online orientation by applying for an assistant nurse or caregiver position if you haven’t already!

  19. Maricel Maderal

    I want to ask because I’m Midwifery Graduate,but I’m working here In Riyadh for 17 years as a Health Cate Assistant i want to know if I can apply as a caregiver?

  20. Hi Nabumba!
    I checked our system and it seems that you did not fill in the form that you were given during the online orientation. After filling in that form you will be sent the self study kit.
    Without filling in this second form you cannot move on in the recruitment process.

  21. That’s great!
    Make sure to apply via the form on our website and take part in one of our weekly online orientations to learn all about wages, work hours, living in Finland, and much more!

  22. Dreaming to work in Finland im a caregiver working here in qatar i work in hongkong before for 9years

  23. That’s great!
    Make sure you apply for the positions and take part in the online orientation to which you will get an invite via mail if you haven’t already!
    We look forward to seeing you!

  24. Jesusa onate

    im interested to work in finland ..hoping someday i can work there and be a part of healthcare worker..currently working in saudi arabia ..

  25. Jorrevy Genetiano Manaois

    Hoping to work in finland 😊, currently working here in Hong Kong I am a caregiver graduate.

  26. Ritzie Miguel Puguon

    Currently working here in hongkong and am very interested to apply as a part of your health care team..🙂

  27. That sounds great!
    Make sure to sign up via one of the application forms on our website!
    We look forward to seeing you at one of our orientations!

  28. Minenhle Mhlanga

    Moi. Mä oon Minenhle. Mä oon Zimbabwelainen in South Africa. When I saw the Silk Road recruitment advert I loved and I quickly applied even I was still doing my Care giving training.
    I got the study kit and I had already done my first interview on the 27 of Feb and I’m still doing my training I’m not finished
    I just want know what’s next from doing the interview

  29. Moi!
    That sounds great!
    After the interview the next step is the real language training where you will attain a certain level of Finnish language skills. During this training you will also start the process to get your residency permit and we help you to decide on an employer that you will sign your contract with after passing the language training!

  30. Hi!
    Yes we require the certification to be 600 hours. If your certification does not cover the 600 hours we also take internships into account that were part of the certification. If you are unsure if you qualify i recommend to sign up and follow the process until you are asked to submit your documents. Alternatively you can be in contact with our recruitment experts via our website at:

  31. Hi sir/madam, I would like to know if this job is for all nationality,bacause all I see is for the Filipinos, thank you

  32. Hello.
    I am a Nursing/Healthcare Assistant .
    I’ve been working in UAE for 4years.
    I will be glad to work in Finland .
    Please help me out

  33. That sounds great!
    Make sure to sign up for our recruitment program and if you meet the requirements and make it through the program you will be working in Finland in no time at all!

  34. Hi!
    It is for all nationalities. We have only recently started our global recruitment efforts. Since the program takes 6-12 months to complete it means there is a delay in new nationalities completing the program arriving in Finland and being able to be featured in our content.

    We have some restrictions about recruiting directly from some countries as local laws and regulations forbid this in some parts of the world. However these restrictions are based on location of the applicant and not on nationality.

    We hope this answers your question!

  35. Joar Michael Rivera

    Hi Simon! Do you guys accept and process experienced nursing assistant who is now based in Finland? I have a strong background in nursing and learning Finnish language here in Finland.

    If you have slot for me, please let me know so I can submit an application too.

    Thank you!


  36. Hi!
    Yes absolutely! We have a hand full of nurses every year that are already in Finland living here who we help find a job for with one of our employers. I will be sending you a personal email with more info on how to proceed if you are already living in Finland.


    Good day , I’m from Philippines I have 2yrs worked experience in Caregiver hospital base holding caregiver NCII.

  38. That’s great Teofy! As long as you are not located in the Philippines you are eligible to join our recruitment program and live and work in Finland! Incase you are located in the Philippines you will need to go through our local partner Topmake!

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