Silk Road Journeys
An Intimate Look at Life in Finland

Silk Road Journeys is Now Live!

We recognize the courage and determination it takes to start a new life in a foreign country, and we want to support you every step of the way. That’s why we’ve launched our interview series, “Silk Road Journeys”, which provides an intimate look at the experiences of individuals who have already made the transition to life and work in Finland.

Our series aims to help minimize the fears and uncertainties that come with moving to a new country. By giving you a first-hand look at what life in Finland is like, we hope to provide some reassurance and alleviate worries you may have before arrival.

In our first episode, “Arriving in Finland,” we follow Aiken and Josephine’s experiences with the Silk Road recruitment process. They recently arrived in Finland from the Middle East and share their insights into what it’s like to settle into a new workplace and home. We discuss the challenges they faced and the support they received from the Silk Road team, providing a realistic and personal account of what to expect when moving to Finland.

Ep 01: Arriving in Finland

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Our future episodes will focus on various aspects of work-life and personal life, with the goal of offering a comprehensive understanding of what life in Finland is like. Whether you’re curious about cultural differences, social etiquette, or work-life balance, our series is designed to help you feel more informed and prepared for your new life in Finland.

At Silk Road, we understand that the decision to move to a new country is a significant one, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. We hope that our interview series will provide you with the information and reassurance you need to make an informed decision and transition smoothly to your new life in Finland.

22 thoughts on “Silk Road Journeys Ep:01 Arriving in Finland”

  1. Hi!
    We are currently only recruiting for the positions of assistant nurse and caregiver.
    However, I would recommend you follow our Facebook page as we do recruit for other positions from time to time!

  2. this is great content and also its a sign that shows how silk road workforce management is committed to see people being employed. thank you silk road for these moments these are my motivation don’t know how many times I have watched this episode.

  3. Hearing this makes us so happy!
    We really want to support our recruits and make sure you feel informed and safe when arriving to Finland!
    Stay motivated and focused on your goal and you will make it to Finland in no-time at all!


    Please I have not received the site to download Finnish language training kit.
    Pls send the site and the password to me

  5. Hi,I already applied for assistant nurse and care giver for a week but still no response

  6. Hi Minda!
    There seems to have been some technical issue in the system when you signed up.
    It should be fixed now and you should receive your invitation any minute!

    We look forward to seeing you at one of our online orientations soon!

  7. Hi Alex Osei Bonsu!
    Please be in contact with our support team via the Contact us page on our website.
    They will check your attendance at the orientation and if everything checks out they will send you a password to download our study kit!

    You can contact them here:

  8. Lloyd Nechipani

    I have signed up on the website but there is no email to my provided email addrss

  9. Make sure you check your spam folder and all emails folder. Sometimes our emails are sorted into the wrong folder. There is also a slight delay of about 1 hour after signing up until you receive your invitation to the orientations

  10. Laxmi Fredilis

    Hi ,
    I am Registered Nurse in Canada. Can I get a chance to work as Registered Nurse or do I need meet certain requirements. Please advise

  11. Hi!
    No, all foreign nurses from outside of the European Union start as assistant nurses here in Finland.While working as an assistant nurse you can then take your nurse registration but you will need to have a language level in Finnish of at least B1.

  12. Hi
    I attended orientation on 13th April. Finished to download study kit and also filled details but I didn’t get email after that for booking interview.

  13. Hi!
    Most likely your documents have not yet been verified by our approval team. Once the documents have been verified you will receive and email on weather you have passed the documents checks or not.

  14. terve! I have a certificate in NURSING ASSISTANT for 72hrs of study am also CURRENTLY working for almost 3 YEARS in a GERIATIRC UNIT seting in a HOSPITAL here in Qatar. Am I eligible to apply? If so, what are the documents I need to pass? kiitos!

  15. Good evening,

    Please after the orientation class and consent form signed, when will one receive his/her study-kit?

  16. Hi!
    During the orientation you should fill out a consent form which is handed out. This will then sign you up for the self studies. IF you weren’t able to do it during the orientation you can either join another orientation or contact our support team by sending our Facebook company page a direct message.

  17. NLRC has sent me link to begin my classes. Please is this the place to get my self-study kit?

  18. Good evening,
    Please I have received the NLRC link to begin classes. Is this different from the self study link?


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