Silk Road Journeys Ep 02:
Life in Finland

In our second episode of Silk Road Journeys “Life in Finland” we get to hear a bit about Grelle’s experiences and insights. Grelle was one of our first recruits that arrived to Finland via Silk Road’s recruitment program. She has lived in Finland for 10 years now. During those 10 years she has built up a great life for her and her family in a small town in Finland.

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Future episodes will focus on work-life in Finland and give our recruits a closer look at what working in Finland as an assistant nurse looks like. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with new episodes of Silk Road Journeys!

If you haven’t watched Silk Road Journeys Episode 1 yet make sure to give that a watch too. Episode 1 focuses on arriving in Finland and what the first months here are like for our recruits! You can read more about the first episode and the series as a whole here!

15 thoughts on “Silk Road Journeys Ep:02 Life in Finland”


    I happen to have watched Grelle’s experiences on YouTube and I must say her story is indeed a story that gives me hope that in the end you can attain your goal. I caught the words she said concerning language how that I should be patient as the Finnish language will get me there kkk. Thank you @silkroadworkforcemanagement for these inspiring documentaries. As I wait for my grouping email I know I will make it like both Grelle’s and others who have used this route to be in such an amazing country. Kiitos paljon

  2. I have watched the video about grelles’ life in Finland and just a nt wait to see myself in Finland. The video just encouraged bme as I start my journey not Finland. As a crr giver am looking forward to work pass my interview and work well on Finnish language trusting I will make it .thankyou for the encouragement.

  3. Finland is truly a great place. The nature is breathtaking and so incredibly pure. One has to experience it for themselves to really understand the extent of it.

  4. Hi Khilele! Right now we are only recruiting nurses and caregivers. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we also recruit for other jobs from time to time!

  5. Just like Grelle said!
    “if you are in the program you can expect to be coming to Finland! Just be patient with the language training”

    We look forward to welcoming you here in Finland!

  6. Nelson Kasungulu

    Please I’m a Registered Nurse willing to relocate to Finland.
    Would you mind helping me out please?

  7. Hi!
    Make sure you sign up, submit your documents and complete our self studies. IF you are found to be eligible and pass your interview you will be able to join our recruitment program and relocate to Finland.

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