Community Voices: Why To Work In Finland 

Are you waiting for an opportunity to work in Finland? What interests you about working in Finland? Many believe that Finland provides a beacon of opportunity for nurses and caregivers seeking fulfilling professional journeys and personal enrichment. Working in this country extends far beyond our renowned healthcare system and high standards of living. As a recruitment agency specializing in placing nurses and caregivers in Finland, we asked our community to share their thoughts. What ignites their passion about working in Finland? Here’s a glimpse into their responses: 

Fair Political System and Equal Treatment

In Finland, respect knows no boundaries of ethnicity, job title, or background. The absence of discrimination fosters an inclusive environment where individuals thrive based on their merits, not societal biases. 

What interests me to work in Finland is the fair political system. Finland has an excellent healthcare system. In Finland everyone is equal, respect is given equally regardless of your job, ethnicity, sexual preference, skin color and religion. There’s no discrimination in Finland and it’s one of the least corrupt countries and the happiest country in the world. That’s why Finland is my dream country to work and live in. 


Finland has a great offer. This place is the happiest country. It gives people a good work life balance which is very important. Also Finnish people are very nice, they treat other people nicely and equally. Living and working in a place like Finland is a great opportunity.


Work-Life Balance

There’s no doubt that Finland has consistently been regarded as the happiest country on Earth. That’s emphasizing our robust healthcare system and thriving industries. Some members of the community find that Finland’s commitment to a healthy work-life balance ensures that professionals can pursue their passions without sacrificing personal fulfillment. 

Finland offers great work-life balance, foster family bonding, nice people I’ve met so far and interesting culture. For me, I love the serenity of the environment, clean air, easy lifestyle and above all honest people. I would love to be in Finland some day!


“Finnish people know that life is not limited to work, so they care about a healthy work-life balance.


Finland has a Work-Life Balance with reasonable working hours and an emphasis on employee well-being. It offers a conducive environment for maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life.


Professional Growth and Innovation

Finland’s innovative spirit and emphasis on education provide nurses and caregivers with unparalleled opportunities. For many, a possibility to hone their skills and contribute meaningfully to society is the reason to choose Finland. 

Finland offers opportunities for professional growth, fair compensation, and a supportive work environment. These are essential for providing quality care to those in need. Additionally, Finland’s commitment to education and innovation ensures that caregivers have access to the latest techniques and resources to excel in their roles.


System is designed to help the workers blend in and cope with the work culture, along with other countries. So amazing!


Cultural Enrichment and Natural Beauty

Beyond the professional realm, I’m also drawn to Finland’s rich cultural heritage and diverse experiences. The chance to immerse myself in a new culture while pursuing my career goals is something I deeply cherish.


I experienced it first hand. Been to 40 countries so far, during my time in Helsinki, it was just love at first sight. Nature easily won my heart. I was able to meet new people and found out about the work/life balance they got and the equality is highly for everyone. I then had the realization I just found the perfect place that I can call home soon.


Cultural Enrichment and Natural Beauty

Meanwhile, others are looking forward to experience Finland’s strong sense of community. It fosters a supportive ecosystem where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.

Finland is known for its high-quality education system, cutting-edge technology sector, and focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. The chance to collaborate with talented professionals in such a dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere is truly appealing. 


I’m excited about the chance to collaborate with diverse professionals, learn from their expertise, and together, explore endless possibilities in healthcare and beyond.


Taking the Next Step 

As we reflect on the insights shared by these dedicated individuals, one thing is for sure: Our community is ready to start a journey driven by passion, innovation, and the dream of creating a better future in the happiest country. At Silk Road, we deeply respect the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals. We recognize the invaluable contributions they make to the society. That’s why we have the dedication to provide opportunities in the healthcare sector in Finland. We want to ensure these compassionate people have the platform they deserve to continue their work. Simultaneously, we are eager to help address the shortage of healthcare professionals in Finland.

If you’re inspired by the dedication and passion for making a difference, we invite you to join us in our mission. If you are a healthcare professional looking to relocate to Finland, we’re here to help you! You can apply to our program by clicking the button below!