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Springtime In Finland: Five Ways To Embrace The Season

As the winter season draws to a close, it heralds the arrival of springtime. Spring in Finland typically spans from March to mid-to-late May. In this new season, you can expect warmer temperatures and vibrant blossoms as nature emerges from its wintry slumber. Spring is also one of the most beautiful seasons to witness the Northern Lights. 

Springtime offers a unique opportunity to recharge and reconnect with the wonders of nature. That’s great especially for nurses and caregivers, whose days are often filled with the noble task of caring for others. That said, here are five enriching activities you can partake in during this rejuvenating season:

Go Skiing In The Spring Sunshine 

Spring in Finland offers the opportunity to savor the final days on the slopes. This is a great time for enjoying the exhilarating downhill runs or serene cross-country trails with breathtaking scenery.  Numerous ski resorts keep their doors open, and the conditions on cross-country skiing tracks are generally excellent. Ski resorts such as Levi, Ruka, Ylläs, and Pyhä remain open well into April or even May. Additionally, numerous cross-country skiing tracks across the country maintain excellent conditions. That provides ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the snowy wilderness on skis. Whether in Lapland, the Lakeland region, or other parts of Finland, there are plenty of options for enjoying spring skiing adventures. Nurses and caregivers can take advantage of this season to try skiing and enjoy the crisp mountain air. The adrenaline rush of gliding down snow-covered slopes under the spring sunshine is worth experiencing! 

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Delight In The Wonders Of Birdwatching

Spring in Finland can also be manifested by the sound of birds chirping. Nearly 250 species of migratory birds return to shores and woodlands during the springtime in Finland. With this, the country then again becomes a haven for birdwatchers.

According to Visit Finland, bird enthusiasts can visit Kuusamo, renowned for its expansive taiga forests. It stands out as one of Finland’s premier bird-watching destinations. Additionally, the Coast and Archipelago region provide opportunities to observe Charadriiformes, commonly found in coastal areas near the Baltic Sea. Even in the greater Helsinki area, birding enthusiasts can enjoy various spots. Old Town Bay, Viikki, Lauttasaari, and Laajalahti in Espoo, are all easily accessible via public transportation. For more information on bird-watching, visit

This is definitely a great activity for nurses and caregivers who want to try their hand at, and venture out to those renowned birdwatching spots. With the use of binoculars and guidebooks, you can enjoy the sight of birds like cranes, migratory songbirds, and waterfowl. Birdwatching not only offers a chance to connect with nature but also fosters a sense of wonder and appreciation for the diversity of avian life. 

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Enjoy The Outdoors

Springtime in Finland provides numerous picturesque settings for leisurely nature walks, invigorating hikes, and the traditional Finnish practice of forest bathing. You also don’t want to miss the Roihuvuori cherry tree orchard’s captivating sight located in Helsinki, Finland. This cherished landmark is renowned for its stunning display of cherry blossoms, which herald the arrival of spring in the region. Nurses and caregivers can spend a leisurely day by going out walk or hike as a way to recharge and destress.

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Warm Up In The Sauna

While spring in Finland may signal the onset of warmer weather, it doesn’t guarantee consistent temperatures. With fluctuations from day to day, cooler days occasionally prevail, offering the ideal opportunity to relish the comforting warmth of the renowned Finnish sauna. In Helsinki, you’ll find a diverse selection of soothing and revitalizing saunas. From the quaint and community-driven Sompasauna to the upscale Löyly, the range is wide. Löyly boasts a sleek glass-walled restaurant and expansive deck providing breathtaking vistas of the archipelago.

Nurses and caregivers can relax in a traditional Finnish sauna. Cooling off is easy by taking a quick dip in a nearby lake or the invigorating sea. This ancient tradition of sauna bathing not only refreshes the body but also revitalizes the mind. It leaves them feeling renewed and energized.

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Take Part In Finnish Festivities 

Easter and Vappu (1st of May) happens during spring in Finland. The 1st of May, known as as Vappu in Finnish, is one of the most celebrated events in Finland. It is not only a celebration of spring and International Workers’ Day but it also marks the end of a long winter. To celebrate this, thousands of individuals gather in neighborhood bars or expansive venues where local bands showcase their musical talents. The party gets going even while the sun is up – which is most of the spring until summer – or up until snow starts to fall.  

Nurses and caregivers can join the festivities, characterized by picnics, parades, and merrymaking, as communities come together to welcome the arrival of spring. It’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in Finnish culture, forge connections, and revel in the joyous atmosphere.

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