Silk Road’s Top 8 Finnish Language Learning Tips

Learning a New Language Is a Journey

For those eager to dive deeper into the Finnish language, we here at Silk Road have curated a collection of external language resources and helpful tips just for you!

Tip 1. Language Learning Apps

Tip 2. YouTube

Tip 3. Watching Your Favorite Shows

Tip 4. Finding a Language Learning Partner

Tip 5. Quizlet

Tip 6. Yle Kielikoulu

Tip 7. Yle Uutiset Selkosuomeksi

Tip 8. Consistency Is the Key That Turns Dreams Into Reality!

9 thoughts on “Silk Road’s Top 8 Finnish Language Learning Tips”

  1. Dear Silk
    Im Sarah i did the interview last July 17 this year but i didn’t get it because my Finnish language not enough knowledge and i didn’t finished my NLRC module.
    So by the time that i need to finish it I can’t find any course inside of the NLRC. I realised that im running out of time due to my hectic schedule at work..I would like to request another Link for NLRC module so that i can book another interview. Im not sure if you given me a chance to have NLRC link. But im hoping that you can help me.. Thank you very much for your time.. Appreciated

    Sarah Ferrer

  2. Hey! You get the instructions to book the interview after your documents have been checked and approved. If you already received the instructions, it means you are eligible and good to move forward!

  3. Hey Sarah! We have extended your enrollment for another 2 months period! Hopefully you can now continue and finish the self-studies!

  4. Terve Anni,
    Have started my language courses and have uploaded my medical documents on the link sent to my e-mail.

    However after the uploads I didn’t get any confirmation on the website to confirm if the uploading was successful or not.

    Could you confirm for me if it’s successfully received ?

    Hope to read from you soon


  5. Hey! You will get the link to book the interview by e-mail after we have checked your documents and approved them!

  6. My transcript has 712 hrs but because I don’t have a certificate of employment ( not employed), I can’t submit my form . What should I substitute the CoE with ??

  7. Hi Alice!
    You can substitute your COE with your working contract and your most recent pay slip from the job in question.

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