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Life in Finland: Faye’s Inspiring Tale of Transition

Challenges and Joys of Relocating

“Adapting to a new culture and adjusting to unfamiliar customs and practices can be an initial hurdle when setting foot in a new country. Overcoming these challenges often requires patience, perseverance, and an open mind. My strategy involved weaving into social and professional networks, tapping into the support of local communities, and leveraging available resources. I was determined to integrate into life in Finland.” – Faye

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

The authorities and organizations are usually helpful and provide clear instructions on the required steps. If you need assistance, there are often resources available. You can seek guidance from official websites, customer service centers, or expat networks, for example.” – Faye

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Language as the Bridge

“Few days after I arrived in Finland, the only thing I felt unease with was the language. However, investing time and effort in learning the language can greatly enhance the life in Finland, both personally and professionally.“ – Faye

Balancing Workflow and Well-being

“My usual workday is from 7.00 to 14.30 or 13.00-20.30/21.00. Working on weekends or at nights is compensated in the salary. My boss and other colleagues are very approachable and easy to work with. The work environment is generally comfortable, and employees are encouraged to take care of their well-being. What differs in the working environment to my previous workplaces is that after 2 weeks I was already trusted to work by myself. The biggest challenge for me is the communication with my patients and some of the colleagues.”

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Navigating Relationships in a New Land

“I think Finns are typically reserved and may seem less open initially. However, once you establish connections and build relationships, Finnish colleagues can be friendly, helpful, and supportive. It’s common here for colleagues to maintain a professional and respectful approach in the workplace.” – Faye

Making friends here might take some time, especially if you are not familiar with the culture and language. However, there are various opportunities to meet people and expand your social circle. I also encounter other people in a similar situation as me. My group mates in Vantaa have provided me support and understanding. Also, during our school days we are able to see each other. Most likely after, we will gather with my classmates in their houses.” – Faye

Discovering Finland’s Charms

“I have been able to explore Finland’s beautiful nature. Especially during May I engaged in walking in the Forest. I have also visited cultural landmarks and enjoyed the numerous lakes.” – Faye

Inspiring Words

“Continue pursuing your goals and do your best in learning the language. It can open more opportunities for integration and enhance your overall experience in Finland. Connect with relevant communities to receive valuable insights and support during the transition and do some research already beforehand. And finally, remain patient, fortified by personal faith. Just keep going and you will find the right direction!”

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