Parents and their child in front of a daycare center. A newly arrived family.

Introducing the Family Recruitment Pilot Program

Sparks of Innovation

The concept of the Family Recruitment Program originated from one of Silk Road’s amazing employers, the well-being county of Kainuu. Kainuu had been struggling with a decreasing percentage of families with children living in the area. Kainuu recognized the two huge benefits of bringing families to Finland rather than individuals. Firstly, when settling in a new country alone, feelings of homesickness and uncertainty are common. Reducing these emotions make the integration process smoother. Secondly, Kainuu would improve the shortage of families in the area and secure the existence of the next generation. 

When Silk Road was presented with this amazing win-win situation we immediately supported the idea and began drafting the family recruitment program together with the well-being area of Kainuu. 

Addressing Immediate and Future Needs

At the heart of the program lies the belief that no healthcare professional should have to sacrifice closeness with their loved ones for the sake of their career. By offering a pathway for families to relocate together, Silk Road and Kainuu aim to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies such a significant life transition. From assisting with residence permit applications to providing support in finding suitable housing and childcare arrangements, the program was designed to streamline the relocation process and create a welcoming environment for families from day one. 

The program is not only about meeting the immediate needs of healthcare professionals though, but also about investing in the future of Finland and the future of Kainuu. By providing support for families to settle and successfully integrate into Finnish society, the program lays the foundation for a more inclusive and cohesive society in the long term. 

Guiding Lights

Writing Success Stories

Silk Road’s Pilot Program for Family Recruitment has garnered significant attention and interest from both applicants and media. Many healthcare professionals work abroad for years without seeing their families for extended periods. Moving to Finland can be a way for them to reunite with their families. 

Baby Melanie Isiderio is one of the nurses who arrived with the first group in January of 2024. She had been working in Saudi Arabia for 12 years, only seeing her husband and children for one month each year. Like many other nurses who work abroad, it’s a dream come true for her to finally be able to share her everyday life with her family.  

“Seeing your family for only one month per year cannot make up for all of the time we have lost”

– Baby Melanie Isiderio

The feedback for the program has been very positive, with both our employer Kainuu and the recruits expressing their satisfaction and excitement. This is why we are so enthusiastic about being able to continue the recruitment of families and further developing and improving the Family Recruitment Program.  
We are confident that the program will continue offering families who have been split up due to work hope to finally reunite with their loved ones and relocate to Finland to make it their forever home.